When to Use Has and Have

When to Use Has and Have


When to Use Has and Have

Learn how to use has and have in English. In this video we take a look at the the present simple forms of has and have.


Okay. So here we have two pictures. We have Steve Jobs on the right, and we have an anonymous hand on the left. So what situations do we use “I have a phone,” and what situation would we use “He has a phone”? In this lesson, we are going to look at when we use “have” and when we use “has.”

Okay. So here we have an example. I have a big head. Jessica has a fast car. Let’s see what the difference is. Well, “have” we use for many different uses, for example, possession, characteristics people might have, relationships, and those kind of things, but “have” in the present simple. We use “has” in the third person singular. So, for example, when we talk about he, she, or it we would use ‘has’. For example, if we’re talking about possession, we would say, “She has a very nice car,” because in this case, we’re using the third person. If we’re talking about another person, but maybe a man for example, we would say, “He has a very good computer.” We would use ‘has’ in this case.

If we’re talking about the others, or talking first person, second person singular, first person plural, second person plural, etc., in all those cases, we would use ‘have’. We would say, “They have nice cars. She has

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