1-to-1 Online Spanish Lessons with Native Spanish Teachers from £7/Lesson 


Learn Faster

You will get much more speaking time because you are the only student. The teacher can focus their energy on you, so you will learn a lot faster.

Native Teachers

All teachers are native Spanish speakers, so you can learn to speak everyday Spanish with a Spanish accent as it is spoken abroad.

Fun Lessons

Our lesson content is fun and enjoyable. Our teachers will do their best to ensure you enjoy your classes. The learning process is much easier when you're having fun!

Build Your Confidence

The lessons are designed to get you speaking confidently, quickly.

Choose Your Teacher

You can select which teacher you want to have your lessons with, so you can build a strong relationship with them. They will learn the best way to teach you, so you will learn a lot faster.

Relevant Topics

Every lesson is based around topics that are relevant to your life, so you only learn the Spanish that you are going to need everyday.

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I like that I can have the same teacher every time. I've had online lessons elsewhere and often you get a different teacher every class which gets confusing.

Nahla Idris, Londonwww.thesciencegrad.com

The teacher is great and all you need to get better is dedication and practice. I'm really happy with my progress and I certainly recommend this!

Rei Leung, Bulgaria

I've only just had 5 lessons and I'm already seeing an improvement!


Hesham El-Shimy, Egypt

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Spanish Teachers Online

When looking for Spanish teachers online it's easy to become frustrated by restrictions imposed by geographical inconveniences. These boundaries can cripple even the most dedicated attempts to learn a language, so why not try out a better way? Using the power of the internet, any keen learner can make use of a Spanish tutor Skype lesson to further their grasp of the language and improve their conversational skills. Using this internet call package, a student can have some face to face time with a Spanish national right from the comfort of their own home. Around 406 million people speak Spanish as their first language making it the second most spoken language in the world, second only to Mandarin. Learning the Spanish language as it is actually spoken has never been easier than with Skype, as this software enables students to practice conversation in another language while online.

Skype can even be used to contact other native Spanish speakers with similar hobbies and interests, outside of any scheduled Spanish teacher Skype calls designed to strengthen grammar and build vocabulary. Social networking sites are great resources for improving language skills while making new friends. These sites enable participants to gain experience handling the language associated with the aspects of life they enjoy talking about, rather than wasting time and effort ingesting vocabulary that will never be used again. Skype calls also allow the user to pick up colloquialisms and phrases in common use in Spanish, though obscure to a non-native. The powerful internet resources available today will allow the student to tailor their learning to their own individual interests and passions, all while managing to make new friends in the process. It really couldn't be easier to start learning Spanish online today, and you'll never regret learning your second language, so why not give it a go?