1-to-1 Home English Language Tutoring in Your Local Area from £17/hour


More Speaking Time

You will get the individual attention that will allow you to learn at your own speed and progress faster than you would have thought possible.

Exam Preparation

We do exam preparation for FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS exams. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you pass and achieve the best grade possible.

Learn How to Adapt to English Life

Not only do we help you achieve fluency in English, we also teach you about English social life and English customs, so you will have no problem going out and and making friends with English people.

Learn Real, Everyday English

English is a living language, and is constantly changing and evolving. The English you see in textbooks might not be the same as the English you hear people using on the street. We will teach you to speak like a real Londoner.

Build Your Confidence

Our lessons are specifically designed to build your confidence while speaking English. You will soon have no problem speaking and meeting people in real life.

Fun Lessons

Our lesson content is fun and enjoyable and our teachers will do their best to ensure you enjoy your classes. The learning process is much easier when you're having fun!

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1 Lesson

£20per lesson


5 Lessons

£19per lesson


10 Lessons

£18per lesson


20 Lessons

£17per lesson


I like that I can have the same teacher every time. I've had online lessons elsewhere and often you get a different teacher every class which gets confusing.

Nahla Idris, Londonwww.thesciencegrad.com

The teacher is great and all you need to get better is dedication and practice. I'm really happy with my progress and I certainly recommend this!

Rei Leung, Bulgaria

I've only just had 5 lessons and I'm already seeing an improvement!


Hesham El-Shimy, Egypt

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Private English Lesson

One of the advantages of a private English class is the one-to-one attention that the student gets from the teacher. This helps the student immensely and helps to hasten the speed of learning. A private English lesson allows the student to pace the class, so that the learning process can occur at a speed that the student likes and prefers. This, as a result, helps to improve the overall results of the classroom sessions.

Our private English class is designed in a way to ensure maximum learning. Each lesson is designed to be interactive, so that the student enjoys the class without feeling pressured, but still is able to achieve substantial levels of learning and knowledge. Each class ensures that the student achieves the learning objective at the end of the class. The classes are conducted by native English speakers, who are trained to teach English to students of all levels. Our teachers have an uncanny knack of gauging the student’s learning abilities and work within that sphere to maximise learning and the outcome of each class. The objective of our teachers is to not just discharge their duties, but to ensure that every student in the class is in tune or on par with the classroom learning experience.

Join our private English classes and learn to speak and write in English with confidence. You will never have to feel ashamed at your English speaking and writing abilities, anymore. Our teachers will correct and guide you at each step, so that you become proficient in English within no time.

Call us today and take advantage of our affordable private English lesson, which would produce the results or the outcome that you have been yearning for long. In fact, we will exceed your expectations!