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Learn Faster

You will get much more speaking time because you are the only student. The teacher can focus their energy on you, so you will learn a lot faster.

Native Teachers

All teachers are from the UK, so you can learn to speak everyday English with an English accent as it is spoken there.

Fun Lessons

Both the lesson content and teachers are fun. This will give you enjoyable lessons, making the learning process easier.

Build Your Confidence

The lessons are designed to get you speaking confidently, quickly.

Choose Your Teacher

You can select which teacher you want to have your lessons with, so you can build a strong relationship with them. They will learn how to teach you best allowing you to learn a lot easier.

Relevant Topics

Every lesson is based around topics that are relevant to your life, so you only learn the English that you are going to need everyday.


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I like that I can have the same teacher every time. I've had online lessons elsewhere and often you get a different teacher every class which gets confusing.

Nahla Idris,

The teacher is great and all you need to get better is dedication and practice. I'm really happy with my progress and I certainly recommend this!

Rei Leung, Bulgaria

I've only just had 5 lessons and I'm already seeing an improvement!


Hesham El-Shimy, Egypt

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Online English Tutor

Conventional group English courses can be impractical since it’s difficult to squeeze lessons in a busy day full of scheduled activities, deadlines and social events. Learners burdened with their professional and family obligations tend to miss out on these lessons often, only to realise they have wasted money to get partial results.

This is where online English tutor steps in as a viable solution. Scheduling individual English language tutoring for one’s own free time slots allows for efficient and intensive, fast-paced language acquisition.   This contemporary approach to learning or brushing up English beats classic courses on more levels, making them outdated. While working with an online English tutor there’s no wasting time on the commute from home or office to a language school and back.

Typically, this means about an extra hour saved, which is enough time for an entire quality online English lesson.   Another key advantage of online language learning is one-on-one work with the tutor. This works well offline too, but is significantly more expensive, especially if the tutor is the one who needs to commute. Both online learners and their tutors love the fact that they don’t need to waste time on tidying up themselves and the study room, but work can take place in more laid-back surroundings and outfits.

The absence of other students means significantly more talking-time for the online student. More advanced students always end up frustrated with those colleagues who learn at slower pace, listening to the same old explanations over and over again. On the other hand, these slower students also feel miserable because they can’t fit in and follow the others.

A highly qualified online tutor will dedicate the initial lesson to the standardised assessment procedure, which determines their new student’s current level of English. This is done through conversation, grammar and vocabulary testing. From there on, the tutor will carefully design each of the following lessons to help the student move on to the next level most efficiently.