How to End a Letter in English

How to End a Letter in English


How to End a Letter in English

Learn how to end a letter in English. In this video we take a look at the different ways you can end a letter in English and present some examples to help beginners.


So today guys we are going to be talking about how to end a letter. Now there are many different ways to end a letter, and so we’re just going to go through a few of the basic ones. 

So, how we decide to end a letter depends on basically who you’re writing to and how formal you want to be. So for example, if you’re writing to your boss, you’re going to end the letter differently from if you’re talking to your friend for example.

Okay. So we’re going to go over a few examples with that today. So a commonly used one would be “yours faithfully,” and “yours faithfully” is what we use when we don’t know their name. Okay. So when we don’t know their name, we would use “yours faithfully.” So for example, if we write a letter saying, Dear Sir or Dear Madame, because we don’t know their name in this situation, we would use ‘Yours faithfully’. Also, this one is really quite a formal one, as well. That’s why I’ve put a picture of James Bond in here, looking very formal in his formal suit. Because this one, it’s quite a formal one, but it’s a general-use one, one for general purposes, as well. ‘Yours faithfully’ is a nice common one there.

Another one we have is ‘Yours sincerely’. This one is when you do know their name. When you do know their name, we would use ‘Yours sincerely’. For example, Dear Mr. Harris, or Dear Mrs. Harris. In this case we know their name, so we’re going to use ‘Yours sincerely’.

I’ve drawn a picture here, of President Obama and . . .

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