How to Ask Questions in English

How to Ask Questions in English


How to Ask Questions in English

Learn how to ask questions in English. In this video we take a look at how to ask questions in English.

Okay. So, in this lesson, we’re going to talk a bit about how to ask questions in English. So here’s an example. Is there a big blue bird on the screen? Is there? Well, I can see one. It’s like a nice, little, big bluebird. It looks very cute, and he’s asking a question. So let’s ask somequestions ourself and find out how to do them. In English, now, there are quite a few different types of questions. But in today’s lesson, we’re just going to focus on the “to be” questions, okay,using the verb to be. All right. So let’s look at how we form these questions.

Here we have an affirmative statement that says, “You are in the park.” So how do you think we would make this into a question? Let’s take a look. Well . . . We have the question now: Are you in the park? Let’s take a look at what do you think we’ve changed? What have we’ve changed in this particular situation? It’s really, really simple. I’m going to show you. All we do is we change the position of the pronoun at the start and the ‘to be’ verb. For example, to make this a question, we move the ‘are’ to where the ‘you’ is, and the ‘you’ to where the ‘are’ is; very simple. That’s all we do with the ‘to be’ verbs; we just switch them around and it becomes a question.

I know some people from some countries, they ask the question, they say the affirmative statement, but they just raise the pitch a little bit so theysay, “You are in the park?” They might say something like that.

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