ESL Contractions

ESL Contractions


ESL Contractions

Learn how to use the contractions in English. In this video we take a look at contractions. We look at some of their formation rules and present some examples to help beginners.


Hi guys. So today we are going to be talking about contractions. Okay, now the verb, in English, to contract basically means to bring together. So, for example, we have a contraction I’m going to the gym today. So I’m has come from I am. So we get I am, and we put them together and we get I’m. So we’re going to look at a few different examples of contractions today.

Okay. So when do we use contractions? Well, we mainly use contractions in spoken English. So we don’t really use them that much when we’re writing. If you’re writing maybe quite in an informal way, maybe on Facebook or something like that, then yeah, you could use them, but generally we use it when we’re speaking, and there’s many different examples of contractions. A first one could be, ‘I am hot’.

Here, we have a guy who’s clearly very hot and he is sweating out of his

armpits. How would we make this into a contraction? Let’s look. We have ‘I’ and we have ‘am’, so we could put them together and we can get ‘I’m’. We also put an apostrophe here, as well. This thing here, we call an apostrophe. That basically shows us that this word came from 2 words put together. We put the apostrophe in the place of the part of the word we’ve removed. In this case since we’ve removed the “a’ from the ‘am’, let’s scribble this out. Since we’ve removed that, we put the apostrophe in the place of where the ‘a’ is.

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