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Silent Letters in English Words

Silent Letters in English Words Many languages contain words with silent letters, or letters that aren’t pronounced when the word is spoken, but English has more silent letters than almost any other language. More than half of all English words contain silent letters, at least when you include digraphs, or two letters that make up a single sound. This can …

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English the global language

English: the Global Language

English: the Global Language A lingua franca is a language that is spoken by people from a variety of cultures in order to facilitate trade and international relations. Different parts of the world have seen many different lingua francas throughout the course of history. Perhaps most famously, Latin was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire, but Greek was also …

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Shakespeare Words Invented

Words Invented by Famous Authors

Words Invented by Famous Authors Most English words have their roots in older Germanic languages, and sometimes Latin or French, but other words have been invented recently, often by famous English authors. Sometimes authors are unable to find a precise word to fit the meaning they’re searching for, and they decide to make one up. Authors such as Lewis Carroll …

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Influences on the english language

Influences on the English Language

Influences on the English Language The English language evolved in what is now the south of England, after the Angle and Saxon tribes colonised the area. These tribes spoke a variety of West Germanic dialects, and the close proximity of the tribes led to the evolution of a single language, which is known as Old English. Despite the name, Old …

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